Hiking and discovery tours

Between Drôme and Ardèche, ideal situation for hiking, walking, biking or mountain biking.

In Ardèche by bike or on foot

From the Villa Rhôna : some hikes:

1. Ascent to the Châtelet

2. The hill of Blacieux

3. Multimodal walk between Andancette and Tain

4. Discovering the railway viaduct of Thorrenc
The proximity of the Pilat regional park is an additional asset !
5. Aunt Zabeth's walk

Drôme side a large choice ...

From thematic tours


To prepare these hikes, you can buy the topo guides

An original way to discover the country of the factor Cheval with Locanimo or go on an electric bike , a scooter or a gyropod in the vineyards of the Rhone valley.

Boat and bike trips can be combined to discover the river and the Viarhona with the Canoeists the "Canotiers" KIWI boat is made of Alpine larch wood like the Gallo-Roman boats.

other sports activities

Many sports activities are possible from the Villa Rhôna... The Viarhôna is next to the Villa Rhôna where bicycles are at your disposal.
Nearby : golf, fishing, paragliding, swimming, adventure course...

For golfers :

The Villa Rhôna welcomes you for a relaxing break after your golf course

2 sites nearby :

The Albon golf course 4 kms away
The Domaine de Saint Clair at 12 kms

For climbers, a climbing site in a place full of mysteries:

and the Vercors for the addicts...

For the fishermen:

Villa Rhôna is located at the foot of the North Ardéchois plateau, in the Rhône Valley. This region has a great diversity of living aquatic resources.

Water sports for the whole family:

A space dedicated to white water sports

For walkers and runners:

La Viarhona, trails between Drôme and Ardéche, flat or climbing, as you wish... Visorando

In the air

The Villa Rhôna is located 4 kms from the airfield of Saint Rambert d'Albon.

We can pick you up when you get off the plane...

You can also make your first flight! We take care of everything.

Come with your paraglider... The site of Saint Desirat is 4 kms away.

A little further, on the Ardéchois heights.

Annonay is the historical cradle of aerostation. Several associations propose you baptisms:

Ardèche Montgolfières

Montgolfières Cie

In the family

Of course enjoy the Viarhôna... We lend you bikes !

But also...

Close to the Villa Rhôna, water activities for young and old, moments to share with the family:

Espace Eaux Vives

The Lake of Champos
The Vernets lake

About ten kilometers from the Villa Rhôna, the unavoidable Animal park of Peaugres

And walking with donkeys ?

30 minutes away from Villa Rhôna : An adventure trail for young and old

A little further away but an original activity : Vélorail a twelve kilometer long course on the historical line of the Chemin de Fer du Vivarais

In case of rain in case of rain, snail hunting... or factory stores, house of ceramics, arts and crafts, swimming pool or cinema and 2 steps from the villa: The museum of the alembic .

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The Villa Rhôna is located next to the Marc Seguin bridge, with its iron cables and central pier, it is the oldest suspension bridge in France and still in service. It was built in 1827 by Marc Seguin, the genius inventor from Annonay.

The nugget of our territory : The ideal palace of the factor CHEVAL the ideal palace of Ferdinand Cheval : Ferdinand Cheval spent 33 years of his life building a grandiose and useless work of art, simply out of his imagination and recognized today as a masterpiece of Art Brut, a work classified as a "historical monument" by Malraux in 1969.

Remarkable priories : On the road of the priories

The priory of Manthes whose history goes back to the year 1000 and founded by the Abbey of Cluny. Paintings and sculptures are regularly exhibited there

The priory of Charrière built in the 15th century by the Franciscan minors on the remains of a 10th century Romanesque church.

The priory of Sainte Agnès which depended on the Abbey of Tournons and also dates from the 10th century.

Considered as the cradle of Dauphiné, the visit of the archaeological site of the castle of Albon is essential, you will also discover a beautiful panorama on the valley of the Rhône

The heritage, it is also natural curiosities like a magic and mysterious place: The rocks which dance.

Between Drôme and Ardèche, other curiosities deserve the detour...

Annonay is a city which has marked history and we advise you to visit the museum of paper mills Canson et Montgolfier.... it's the history of paper, the wonderful calculations of Montgolfier, the inventions of Canson...

Côté Ardèche....other ideas for visits