Our Eco-responsible Approaches

“strive to respect nature and the environment as much as possible. »

At Villa Rhôna, we strive to respect nature by offering solutions to improve our work, the management of energy, water, waste, travel and digital technology.

We will ask you: To turn off the lights when leaving a room. To regulate heating with room thermostats To sort waste (glass, plastics, cardboard) Not to let the water run. Do not leave doors and windows open when the heating is on, and close doors and windows during the day in case of high temperatures. To respect the plants and vegetables that grow in the garden and in the greenhouse, you can take aromatic plants into the greenhouse, but leave the fish alone and not give them food. Not to run after the chickens and leave the chicks with their mothers. Do not handle turtles. A compost is at your disposal next to the greenhouse. The chickens will be happy to eat your leftovers. You can ask Brigitte for eggs. If you need another towel, please request it.


This beautiful residence dates from 1876 and this old lady needs to bring herself up to date.

Your passage, your presence brings this house to life for my greatest happiness and allows us to consider eco-responsible improvements.

Water savers have been installed.

As summers are getting hotter and hotter, for the summer of 2024 we will be installing air fans for the rooms on the 2nd floor

and mosquito nets in all rooms so you can sleep with the windows open.

We are going to insulate the lost attics and the roof spaces.

Little by little we will change the windows which are still single glazed.

This work will be carried out by local companies.